Should You Outsource Online Marketing of Your Business?

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2020)

Should You outsource online marketingOutsource Online Marketing of Your Business?

Small and large business owners are being faced with the reality that we live in a digital age. People stay connected through their computers by using email and social media, and the smart phone is taking over the world, or so it seems. Phones have become less like phones and more like mini-computers. Companies are beginning to realize that effective online marketing is the way to reach more people, and they are seeing the need for personnel to handle this area  – so they decide to outsource online marketing.

outsource online marketingWhy People Outsource Online Marketing

The reason that more and more employers are choosing to outsource online marketing is because business owners don’t have the time to adequately manage their social media accounts, email campaigns, and web presence in addition to the daily duties of actually operating the business, fielding phone calls, managing inventory, payroll, and other tasks. Rather than doing this themselves or adding the duties to another employee, they are making it a totally separate job. By outsourcing, they are putting these online duties into the hands of one person who can put their time and energy into this arm of the business.

An Example of a Company That Chose to Outsource Online Marketing

Recently a car dealership in my area decided to outsource online marketing. They had a position open for someone to work solely with social media. The person they hired was responsible for constantly updating their Facebook and Twitter accounts. He was able to do completely do the job from his smart phone. Talk about a cost effective business move! According to an article at, companies are hiring virtual assistants whose main job is to handle the web presence of the company and their social media accounts. The article cautions that this should not be someone who can just update a Facebook profile, but someone who understands the impact that social media and branding can have for a company.

Outsource Online Marketing on a Budget

These virtual assistants are one way to outsource online marketing without busting your marketing budget. Often they are paid by the hour, and don’t require benefits like insurance. The fact that they can work from anywhere means they aren’t in house personnel, necessarily, which can save an employer money. They can be a great asset to the company, and to their boss by managing the online marketing of the business.  By doing this, they could become one of the top online marketing companies in the industries.

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