Predicting the Future Of Online Marketing

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2020)

future of online marketingPredicting the Future Of Online Marketing

What lies in store for the future of online marketing? If trends hold true for effective online marketing like they do for  other areas of media and retail, the future is most certainly a digital one. As more and more paper ads are being replaced by electronic ads and social media campaigns, some may say that the paper ad is going the way of the dinosaur. I think that may be true in more ways than one.

Things are Looking Up for the Future of Online Marketing

We also see this trend in print media, and even music. The newspaper and book are being replaced by online editions and the electronic book, digital downloads of music are starting to surpass CD sales, too. When it comes to the future of online marketing, the same seems to be true. Almost every major retailer has their ads on their website, email newsletters that offer exclusive coupons and sales, and even apps for smart phones where you can pull up coupons right in the store. Electronic coupons can be added right to your store shopping card from your computer and used at the register. Many people love this trend, and researchers are taking full advantage.

 Social Media is a Major Part of the Future of Online Marketing

Social media is another wave of the future of online marketing. Retailers and business owners are using social media like Twitter and Facebook to generate business and reward customers for their loyalty. More often than not, a store will list their web address before their physical one on any kind of publication. One of the first questions people will ask a new business is “Do you have a website?” Chances are, when they get home, they are going to check out that website and pass it on to their friends.

 E-Commerce Plays a Part in the Future of Online Marketing

Additionally, the online-only store model is growing, too. There are many stores out there that do not have a brick and mortar location, just an office and a warehouse, and all of their transactions are done online. You see this trend continuing to boom as more people open their own businesses and realize the overhead of a physical store may be too much for them initially and that due to lower operating costs, online-only is the way to go.

As we continue to live in a digital age, the future of digital marketing is you and it is a  bright one. Retailers and researchers know that we are living in a society that is dependent on our smart phones, computers, and social media to get through the day and stay connected. Online marketing is the way that they will reach the masses.

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