Three Great Creative Online Marketing Ideas Anyone Can Use

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2020)

creative online marketingThree Great Creative Online Marketing Ideas Anyone Can Use

While the internet has created all kinds of interesting business and work opportunities that allow more people than ever before to work form the comfort of their own home, it’s also made it imperative that everyone know a little something about some of the best online marketing strategies. These days the rule of thumb implies that the more creative online marketing ideas you come up with, the greater your chances of earning a full time living from your house and not having to strike out in search of more traditional employment.

creative online marketingCreative Online Marketing Ideas Involving Blogging

Blogging provides an endless supply of creative online marketing opportunities. Entire blogs have been created for the sole purpose of marketing and promotion. Some businesses have purchased paid or sponsored posts that appear on other peoples blogs. Making a (constructive) comment on a blog could provide you with an opportunity to post a link that leads back to your own website.

The best way to start using a blog for marketing purposes is diving in and getting started. It won’t take very long before you figure out what things work and what don’t. The most important rules when it comes to using blogs to promote yourself, a product, or a business include:

  • Staying on point
  • Civility
  • Frequent updates
  • Double checking your writing and making sure it’s the best you can turn out

Creative Online Marketing Ideas Involving Forms/Discussion Boards

Discussion boards and forums are other creative online marketing ideas that have been designed to bring people together to discuss issues, answer questions, and to band together as a community. These forums can also be really useful marketing tools. The trick is to find a discussion board that has a thread that is somehow connected to whatever you’re trying to market. When you make comments in this thread, you don’t want to actively push your business and/or product. What you’re doing is establishing yourself as an expert in the field. The more frequently you post, the more people will trust your authority and will come to you when they need to make a purchase. By making sure you include a link to your website in your signature line, you’ll also be giving your search engine ranking a much needed boost.

Creative Online Marketing Ideas Involving Videos

Did you know that videos posted on YouTube can be great for creative online marketing?  More and more people do this every single day. It’s a great form of attraction marketing. Not only does the video provide your prospective customer’s with a chance to see what you’re selling, you’ll also be able to show them the various ways the product/service will make their life easier. Make sure that you set up your marketing video so that it can be shared on the social networking sites.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using creative online marketing ideas, or if you want to stick to tried and true methods, you need to make sure that you use several different techniques. The more techniques you use, the more customers you will connect with.

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