Consider Direct Sales if You Need A Second Income

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2020)

need a second incomeConsider Direct Sales if You Need A Second Income

If you are a single income household, and you need a second income, there are lots of options to help with earning money from  home. One option you should consider is direct sales. Many people have made a very generous second income through a career in direct sales, and it could be the same for you!

Many people enjoy direct sales if they need a second income for several reasons. Not only because it allows them flexibility, working when they can, but also because of the opportunity to be their own boss, and earn a great paycheck from just a few hours of work.

Commission Helps When You Need a Second Income

Most direct sales consultants make a commission of around 25% of their sales. This means if you have large events where a lot of products are sold, you can earn a great paycheck for just a few hours work. For example, if a consultant for a direct sales company does a 2-hour event where $1200 of merchandise is sold, then they will make $300 – in 2 hours. That’s a pretty good hourly rate, wouldn’t you say?

Build Your Team When You Need a Second Income

Also, direct sales is great for those who need a second income because it allows you to build the amount of income that you earn through team sales, too. By recruiting others to join your team, and then they will recruit others to join their team, you’re forming a pyramid of team sales that will boost your monthly paycheck, and allow you to promote to different levels in the company. In addition to the extra income, most companies allow their consultants the opportunity to earn trips, prizes, and other incentives based on their performance and sales.

Direct Sales are Great Even if You Don’t Need a Second Income

Even if you don’t always need different sources of income, the extra money is always a bonus. You can use the earnings from direct sales to pay for other things – like an upcoming vacation, a new vehicle, or even to pay off debt. Some consultants that I know use their earnings from their direct sales business to pay for Christmas gifts or for dance or music lessons for their kids. You might even just want to use the commission you earn to help build up your savings account or invest it for retirement. As you can see, direct sales has unlimited potential for income and growth, and it could be the perfect solution for those who need a second income.

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