A Strategy that Works: Attraction Marketing

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2020)

Attraction Marketing A Strategy that Works: Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing is pretty much just what it sounds like. It is a type of marketing that is supposed to draw potential customers to your product. When it is done well, your customers will actually feel like you are doing them a favor by selling the product to them.  This is what you call attraction marketing strategies.

The thing that you need to keep in mind when you are putting together an attraction marketing campaign is that you aren’t searching for a customer who will make one or two purchases from you and then move on. You are after a bit more from the relationship. You want to attract that kind of customer who is going to be very loyal, who will purchase from you over and over again. When it comes to putting together this type of marketing program, you want to be more focused on your long term goals, than on results that you can measure right away.

Lay the Foundation for Attraction Marketing

This is how to use attraction marketing.  Take several days and think about the various ways either the product you are selling, or the service you are offering will improve people’s lives forever. Why should they spend money on yours, instead of the competition. The best way to approach this situation is to remind yourself why you first became interested in the product; you are going to build your entire campaign around this premise.

Put Passion into your Attraction Marketing Campaign

When you are creating your advertisements, blogging, or promoting the product on your favorite social networking sites, you can’t hold back your emotions. Let your passion seep through. The customers you are trying to connect with sense this passion and relate to it. Knowing how you feel about the product will trigger the same emotions in them.

When you are writing the ad copy and social networking comments that you are going to use to enhance your attraction marketing, you don’t want to write them as an online entrepreneur. You want to write them as a casual and relaxed person that doesn’t have much of a connection with the product at all.  This is a situation where you want to seem just like your target audience.

Watch Attraction Marketing Snowball

The great thing about a good attraction marketing program is that it can snowball. You made the first tiny ball when you showed the customer how your product was going to change their life. Even before they made the purchase, you had already put them into the frame of mind that this was going to be a really awesome thing. They are going to be so excited about their purchase that they will tell everyone that they know about it, who in turn will also become enthusiastic customers of yours. With a little luck, this pattern will repeat itself over and over again.

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